Three Reasons Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing

Google Ads is a great way to advertise online with the hopes of gaining traffic and making more sales. But it’s not easy to make it work, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’re advertising your business online with Google Ads in Sunshine Coast and they aren’t showing up, there are a few reasons why it might be happening. Here’s why, and how to fix it:

  1. Your Payment Didn’t Go Through

It’s a simple problem, but entirely possible. Just like your payment might not go through when you’re shopping online, the same can happen when paying your Google Ads account. If you use automatic payments, Google can charge you when you reach the end of your billing cycle, or when you reach your pre-set payment threshold. Your account needs to be up to date and valid, or the payments won’t go through, and your ads won’t show up on SERPs.

  1. Your Bids Are Too Low Or Too High

For each Google Ads campaign, you have to set up a daily budget. But if the maximum cost per click for specific keywords is off-budget, your ads won’t match up to those keywords. Make sure that your campaign budgets and keyword bids match, or you’ll be paying for nothing. If your bids are too low, however, the same will happen. It could be because of your quality score, or on the bid itself. Make sure to try increasing your bids by small amounts using the bid simulators on your Google Ads account.

  1. Your Keywords Are Hardly Ever Searched

When you optimise target keywords with SEO, you’re optimising specific keywords that you know your target audience will search on Google. You need to use optimised keywords in your ad copy, or the ads won’t show up as often on SERPs. However, if the keywords that you’ve optimised are hardly ever searched by your target audience, your Google Ads containing those keywords won’t show up. These are called low-volume keywords. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to determine which similar keywords have higher volumes, as these would be better to optimise.

Google Ads are an awesome way to get your Sunshine Coast business out there on the digital sphere, but they don’t always work out. If your Google Ads don’t show up, it could be due to any one of these reasons. Hopefully, this list has helped you gain some insight on how to fix the issue.

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