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Why Birddog's SEO Audit & Site Analysis Is So Much Better?

SEO Audits play a significant role in the best practices relating to organic search results and the foundational issues affecting search performances. Knowing what the best practices are before doing an SEO Audit is essential as this information is vital to the results of the audit. The primary purpose of the SEO audit is to uncover foundational issues that directly affect organic search results. Birddog Digital Marketing Agency understands the importance of having an effective SEO audit in place that better benefits the optimisation of our clients’ websites.

Audits are a standard procedure implemented to be conducted regularly. A review ensures the overall functioning of your website is in good condition and assists to keep the site running smoothly. SEO audits are an essential part of managing a successful website. An SEO audit allows the website owner to adhere to best practices and in doing so boost the potential of the ranking of the website.

SEO Audits Reveal the Following;

On-page issues

User experience issues

Technical SEO issues

Potential Off-site problems

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Free SEO Analysis

The above are, but a few examples of why having an SEO audit done regularly is not only good for its overall performance but allows you to monitor and track progress. An SEO audit should be comprehensive and cover both content and structure or design. The purpose of an SEO audit is to analyse data that gives you valuable information into the inner workings of your website and the issues that affect the overall performance of the website. It allows you to remedy the problems as and when your audit is performed to ensure that your customer base is well looked after and that the potential to attract more site visitors is well managed.
Birddog Digital Marketing Agency provides a comprehensive SEO audit service that ensures our clients’ website is well maintained and adheres to best practices. We assist our clients to; check titles, descriptions, H1-H6 tags, as well as scan all internal and external links on the web page. We provide the necessary support that our clients need for an effective, optimised and high ranking website. Leave your information in the table provided, and we will contact you!

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