Three SEO Tips To Help Your Write Your Next Blog

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for businesses looking for a presence in the digital space. Blogs are very important from a ranking perspective, they are used for keyword optimisation and then internally linked to dedicated pages. Search Engines love fresh, new content and give those sites which add content regularly a priority is SERPs as it shows that you are an active competitor of that industry. Here are our top tips for writing your next blog:

#1. Research Matters

Writing blogs that people aren’t interested in doesn’t help matters. Making sure that you research all the relevant long-tail keywords can help you optimise your content. Granted, it can be a bit challenging to create new content for your blog and ensure it is optimised for SEO. However, with the help of an SEO expert on the Gold Coast, this doesn’t need to be your problem to worry about.

An SEO expert can help you choose the right keywords for your topics and what you’re trying to get across to your audiences. There are, however, tools you can use to help you with your keywords. These include SEMrush and the Google Ads Keyword Tool if you’re not using an SEO expert. These tools can also give you an insight into what competitors are doing, which is very beneficial.

#2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing By All Cost

As soon as you know the keywords you’re going to use, you need to ensure that they are relevant and valuable to your content. Use them wisely, and sprinkle them throughout your blog post in the most natural way. Search engine crawlers will be able to discover your page only if you include your keywords in specific places. These include:

  • In the title of your blog
  • In some headings and subheadings
  • Preferably in the first few sentences of your blog and the conclusion
  • In anchor text, meta descriptions and title tags

#3. Add Images

Images bring things to life! With the images you choose, make sure that they are full-colour, relevant and engaging. If your business sells products, using images will help! Taking crawlers and search engines into consideration, it’s worth noting that you will need to have keywords attached on each file name for them to be able to be read.

Content creation plays a crucial role in SEO and the overall success of your website. Our SEO experts on the Gold Coast at Bird Dog are ready to help your business. Get in touch with us.

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