Surely one of – if not the most – cost effective marketing channels for B2B Marketing

Wanna know what is perhaps the most cost effective B2B marketing channels.A chanel that costs pennies to get your message in front of thousands of potential clients.And no……it’s not email……..Now I gotta warn you, many will shirk from this. But if you do, you do so at your peril.Tis outside of conventional media one of the oldest channels to get your message out there.What is it?

Fax Broadcasting

Aghh… I hate getting faxes and it would not work for my business…….

This is a common response when the topic of sending a fax to your clients and potential clients. And, yeah we get it.

Like any marketing, it can be a little annoying, just like those 7’oclock phone calls as your about to sit down for a family meal.

But the ol fax broadcast is a little friendlier then that.

And it can cost you as little 5-10 cents per page.

So lets say you get a data base of 2,000 businesses, it’s going to cost you a measly $100-200 to send them a targeted marketing message.

One thing to note with fax broadcast is it is a low response media – especially if going for a sale over a lead generation. So you may get 0.25% response, so on a list of 2000 you may get 5 positive responses and so on.

Now you do need to have a data base of fax numbers in order for this and there are companies that have these on hand ready to go. The other alternative if starting out or on a budget is either go get them yourself or outsource this.

So consider how you can add this to your business lead generation tools.

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