Oops, Ah I didnt Realise, Ah You Were Having A Sale As Well….Fancy That

Saw a good example of a marketing promotion today.

And also a terrible one, but first, lets take a squiz at the good one.

Was just waiting for my smoothie to be made and across from me was a jewellery store with an air of mystique and secrecy.  The windows were elegantly draped in with red cloth, out the front was a bouncer type of guy dressed in a suit with those dividers to form a cue for people to line up to get in. You could see heaps of people walking past staring and wondering what was going on…..like we know it’s a sale but felt like some invite only affair which was obviously working, as….

they had between 10-15 people mindlessly lining up.

They only had one small sign on a black board saying secret 1 day sale (or something to that affair).

Was good to see a very inexpensive marketing system driving people into the store.

So this is where I had a real good laugh.

I grabbed my smoothie and had 10 minutes to kill before an appointment so went to go take a look in a book shop and along the way, had to do a double take as yep…
you guessed it another jewellery shop was yes, having a “crazy 1 day sale”.

And they put up a cheap cloth over the door to act like a mysterious event was going on and there sign was out and all the ingredients were there.


They did not have a bouncer like person in a suit, they skimped on the deck out and just looked like a copy cat marketing effort.

Did they have people lining up?


Looks like a few in the store, but by no means the hungry, curious people cuing up at the other store.

And for all we know the savings could have been a greater at the 2nd sale site, but it just did not pull anywhere near the traffic.


Dam good question.

I reckon it comes down to that old saying…

You can’t judge a book by a cover.

But let’s face it, we all do, that is until we read the book. But if a book looks crap on the cover, its got a pretty slim chance of being picked up in the first place.

Same too for a shop front, a website, and well appearances in general.

So moral of the story if you’re going to run a sale make sure you make it look enticing, especially if the shop or competitor is running ….exactly the same sale.

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