Some businesses back themselves MASSIVELY….Do you?

Dracula, A Hangover And Boost Juice

I had to fly down to Sydney for a good friends 40th which just happened to be a halloween party – funny thing my 6 year old daughter just happened to have one on the same day, hmm is there something in that? – any way so it was a fly in fly out the next day kind a trip.

And after a day of traipsing around Manly, the botanical gardens and the Gallery of Modern Art I was just a little hung over and bone-tired & exhausted.

Throw in a few hours on public transport to get to the airport and by 4 o’clock I felt like the living dead zombie that I met the night before….

Side note I went as a vampire… those blood sucking fiends.

Any way back to the story.

So I arrive at the air port and upon descending the escalator I saw the BOOST Juice kiosk and I started salivating for some goodness, like a vampire that hasn’t drawn blood for days.

Dragged my sorry backside over there and ordered myself a green smoothie and it was there I was greeted by a pleasant surprise.

“2 Sip Guarantee….If you have 2 sips and do not like your juice we will replace it”

Ahhhhh…love it. Putting such a great risk reversal for all to see.

So many times when we talk with clients about the power of a guarantee for their business they go “I can’t do that, we’ll lose so much money”.

Well throw me against the wall and call me Sam.

Why in the guy in the skies name would you think that….don’t you have a good product?

So the conversation continues a little around that and $$ they think they will lose etc, then we talk about the upside.

Giving your clients total peace of mind, a risk reversal to try you out, attracting a market that may not have been willing to do business with you previously due to an existing relationship or prejudice.

And sure you will get a few dimwitted folk who may just take you for a ride and use your product or service and then hit you for money back out of some misaligned integrity issue.

But for the most part. People are pretty darn decent and you may get a few clients that do generally have an issue with your business and the money back guarantee gives them some peace of mind and creates a stronger sense of trust to deal with you in the future.

 So back to Boost Juice.

I’d say that the take up on this guarantee may be as little as 1 to 2 %. So out of every $600 they make from selling 100 juices they may lose a couple of dollars of stock.

Sheez….lets ramp it up to $20….no big deal.

This conveys to their market place total confidence in their products, and yes they are good so they can afford to.

Side note if you have a shit product, probably best to change your business before implementing this as it could end up broke.

As I was standing with mind wrapped in my thoughts on this, the friendly boost juice man breaks my zombie like state as he calls out ‘Rich”…

That’ll be me.

So, I grab my large green smoothie, head to the lounge area and you know what I did….

I got myself onto one of those massage chairs for $2.

Boost juice in hand + cheapest massage ever = 1 tired yet happy little chap.

See if you can do a Boost Juice for your business and create a little extra peace of mind for a weary saturated market place.

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