Don’t Ever Ignore Warning Bells….

There’s this lady, nice enough (maybe a little stretch there), good ideas and best intentions.

On the phone was a blazing ball of enthusiasm…

“Ah, I am so passionate about making my business a success…I just need some help.”

That’s cool, we get that a fair bit.

My question: Why haven’t you been more successful?

A little bit of aggression now seeped into her voice….

Well, this person was meant to do that, this company let me down, so did this weird widget, oh and my children are always bugging em, my ex is a downright dick and well I got bullied in school.”

Not exactly how it went, but you get the picture.

Side note: Wish someone else was to blame for some of my doozy failures….there’s been a few!

Now where was I, oh yeah, this is where alarm bells started ripping through my sometimes slow to start fella upstairs.  Screaming “okay code red, code red”.

Why the code red?

I’ll tell ya..

There was zero accountability.

No statement was about her shortcomings – and don’t worry, not judging her I just know we’ve all got them, me a bag full – they were all about blaming a 3rd party for her lack of success.

So the school siren started screeching like a wild banshee.

Especially because her aggressive tone.

And for sure, I understand that there are always instances when as business owners we get tripped up by someone else letting us down.

But one thing seems certain…..It’s how we react to things that do not go our way that can dictate the success of an outcome…not what some-else does.

I’m sure you’d agree.

Any way after the code red alarm went off, another little voice was yelling at me… pull the chord, get out of here, pull the chord.

Because as the conversation progressed it became increasingly obvious.

This lady was looking for a fall guy at every step of the way, someone to rant and rave about. Another reason why her life was not going to go as planned. Being negative and just constantly complaining.

A much better option would be a simple one……. she should simply  get busy, get active and CREATE her success.

Now please understand, I am a compassionate person, and I truly hope she can shed the shackles of her negativity. I even tried to pull out some NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tricks from the bag to help her.

But it was falling on deaf ears.

So the writing was on the wall. Crystal clear.

It has to do with one of Bird Dog’s golden rules.

We do not work with negative aggressive people. Full stop. Made that mistake once, someone slipped through the nets and was a nightmare, I still shudder when I think about it.

And the last thing we want is to be a chapter of is some else’s bad story.

Because marketing is a process, it is a route to get your business into the thoughts of your clients, having them know what you do and how you can help solve their problems or achieve a desire.

And this is what we do. Drive traffic to you, get your phones ringing and even provide training on what to say if required.

But  once they know you and interact with you that’s where it becomes your dance.

You take the lead.

And here’s the thing….

If a business owner is running some serious “sabotage” programs then we know – due to experience – that no matter how great the marketing and advice, they will not implement all the steps, they will take short cuts, they will essentially cheat themselves of any chance of being a success story.

It’s sad. I agree.

And the saddest part of it all, is most – like this lady – wouldn’t even know they are doing it.

I felt for her.

But I had to advise her that I don’t believe we can help her.


Well, sometimes saying no is the best way to attract your ideal clients.

The clients you know will do what you say, will take massive action, will implement and be accountable for their success.

And since we become part of their team and life, we need to know that we are all working for the same cause. This is where marketing power can go into over drive.

Life is too short to work with clients that you don’t want to work with. Hey you set the rules remember.

And at the end of the day as entrepreneurs and business owners there is only 1 person truly accountable for our success…..

So ask yourself, are you letting clients slip through the net that you really do not want?

If so, fire them. But nicely.

Then go about defining exactly who you want to work with and get active to attract them or give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.

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