When the cookie crumbles…..it’s the recipe

So Nan I read the recipe, baked the cookies but they fell apart.No where near as good as yours………“Did you melt the butter first?”…No Nan, was I meant too?“Of course dear, why else would it be in the recipe”Oh…….Hmmm, just like a cookie recipe, there is a little science behind marketing and to find the right recipe for your market, this can often require a little test and measure.But there’s a few small principles that you need to know up front.Sure this principle has been around since the early days of the direct marketing legends, but think it was Dan Kennedy who brought it to the masses….What is it……..The right message to the right market via the right mediaOr some combination of those….Either way, when your creating a marketing piece you need to dissect these elements.First: The MarketNow this area is the guts of it. You need to know the market.What are the emotional drivers – there fears, desires and concerns. And how can your product or service solve their problems or fulfill their desires.TWO: The messageThen once you got the market down pack, you gotta to come up with the message.Now the message, really has to be totally relevant and strong enough to your target market to reach out, grab them by them by the scruff of the neck and get them to read your message.Don’t be fooled…….This is an incredibly hard task, especially with the endemic ADHD that seems to have crept into our lives thanks to social media and smart phones.We no longer seem to be able to concentrate on one thing.So your message needs to be razor sharp to slice through the clutter.Three: The MediaNow if you’ve followed the 1st two parts of the recipe, your on your way.But, get this wrong and you’ll soon find out.The media is the channel/device you choose to get your message in front of your market.Do you choose Facebook, Pay Per Click ads, Newspaper Ads, or to the delight of a yellow pages salesman the yellow pages.Hmm choices, choices.Your answer to this is again depended on the market.Where are they, what are they reading, watching and interacting with. Once you know that you target your message to them via those channels.So there is a lot of grunt work involved before you should even think about throwing some bait out to your market.And doing this up front and following this formula will increase your chances of success with your campaign. A couple of months ago we were running a series of seminars for small businesses.

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