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Don’t Ever Ignore Warning Bells….

There’s this lady, nice enough (maybe a little stretch there), good ideas and best intentions. On the phone was a blazing ball of enthusiasm… “Ah, I am so passionate about making my business a success…I just need some help.” That’s cool, we get that a fair bit. My question: Why haven’t you been more successful? A little bit of aggression now seeped into her voice…. “Well, this person was meant to do that, this company let me down, so did this weird widget, oh and my children are always bugging em, my ex is a downright dick and well I got bullied in school.” Not exactly how it went, but you get the picture. Side … Continue reading

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Some businesses back themselves MASSIVELY….Do you?

Dracula, A Hangover And Boost Juice I had to fly down to Sydney for a good friends 40th which just happened to be a halloween party – funny thing my 6 year old daughter just happened to have one on the same day, hmm is there something in that? – any way so it was a fly in fly out the next day kind a trip. And after a day of traipsing around Manly, the botanical gardens and the Gallery of Modern Art I was just a little hung over and bone-tired & exhausted. Throw in a few hours on public transport to get to the airport and by 4 o’clock I felt like the … Continue reading

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So What’s your brand say about you

Did you know that certain colours, symbols and shapes create a subconscious reaction. And also these elements represent certain things about you. So if you want to know a little more about what your brand says about you, have a look at this info-graphic we created.

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When the cookie crumbles…’s the recipe

So Nan I read the recipe, baked the cookies but they fell apart. No where near as good as yours……… “Did you melt the butter first?”… No Nan, was I meant too? “Of course dear, why else would it be in the recipe” Oh……. Hmmm, just like a cookie recipe, there is a little science behind marketing and to find the right recipe for your market, this can often require a little test and measure. But there’s a few small principles that you need to know up front. Sure this principle has been around since the early days of the direct marketing legends, but think it was Dan Kennedy who brought it to the masses…. … Continue reading

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Surely one of – if not the most – cost effective marketing channels for B2B Marketing

Wanna know what is perhaps the most cost effective B2B marketing channels. A chanel that costs pennies to get your message in front of thousands of potential clients. And no……it’s not email…….. Now I gotta warn you, many will shirk from this. But if you do, you do so at your peril. Tis outside of conventional media one of the oldest channels to get your message out there. What is it? Fax Broadcasting Aghh… I hate getting faxes and it would not work for my business……. This is a common response when the topic of sending a fax to your clients and potential clients. And, yeah we get it. Like any marketing, it can be … Continue reading

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Blowing Your Own Trumpet…….Aghhh

Hmmm, yeah you say you’re good but it’s falling on deaf ears……. Was having a chat with a business owner the other day and he was telling me about how great his marketing is – he did it – and how wonderful they are at, well just about everything. Only problem was the advertising wasn’t working. So took a squiz, just to, well be a nice guy. It was really a classic case of we’re great, do you love our logo, we love our logo and we hope it will make you call us cause we’re great. Ah alright it wasn’t that bad, but pretty close. It was just a real self promo on their … Continue reading

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Field Of Dreams………

So You Got A Website……Is it really doing what it is meant too? Remember the Kevin Costner movie Field Of Dreams? You know the one where he builds a baseball pitch in the middle of his corn farm. All because he heard voices….. “Build it and they will come, build it and they will come” Yeah, I hear you….but it wasn’t as bad as his movie water world. Any way, so he builds this baseball pitch and sure as day turns to night, these dead baseball legends come and crack a few innings with him. Bizarre right. But stick with me, there is a point to this. You see most of us are very similar … Continue reading

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Mathew Denehy Eagle Insurance Interview

Take A Peak Inside Successful Local Businesses Rich & Simon chat with Mathew Denehy from Eagle Insurance This month we are excited – or as Bird Dog would say  stoked – to bring a good friend and great businessman Matthew Denehy from Eagle Insurance. Now get this… Mathew built his insurance broking business during the GFC from $4 million to $16 million So it’s safe to say that as our very 1st take a peak episode is a good one. Mathew has not only shared his insights once but twice….he’s very thorough. Firstly we sent Matthew some of the questions we may ask in the interview and Mathew being the champion he is proceeded … Continue reading

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