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BIS Tradies Toolkit + SEO

This package includes: Tradesmans Toolkit, 2 regions which includes Website hosting Emails set up 24/7 technical email & hosting support Professional website design Website development Mobile responsive website Professionally written content (client can also provide) Basic web optimisation (where we structure site aroundyour keywords such as Building inspections Gold Coast) Google Adwords set up Google ad locations 2 regions such as Gold Coast & Tweed Heads $100 voucher for google ads (for new accounts) Google adwords management Monthly performance report PLUS our 5 keyword SEO plan.  

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Tradies Toolkit Discounted regions

Additional Regions 1 Region : $199.00 AUD – monthly Additional region 2 : $209.00 AUD – monthly Additional region 3 : $219.00 AUD – monthly Additional region 4 : $229.00 AUD – monthly Additional region 5 : $239.00 AUD – monthly

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Oops, Ah I didnt Realise, Ah You Were Having A Sale As Well….Fancy That

Saw a good example of a marketing promotion today. And also a terrible one, but first, lets take a squiz at the good one. Was just waiting for my smoothie to be made and across from me was a jewellery store with an air of mystique and secrecy.  The windows were elegantly draped in with red cloth, out the front was a bouncer type of guy dressed in a suit with those dividers to form a cue for people to line up to get in. You could see heaps of people walking past staring and wondering what was going on… we know it’s a sale but felt like some invite only affair which was obviously … Continue reading

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13 year old school girls shows us how it’s done.

Every now and then we see a little something special. A business, an idea or an individual. Something that makes seasoned pros, take a little bow. And this month’s Take a Peak Inside, it is safe to say is a whole box of special. This month, we had a chat to Tyra Bilton. A 13-year old school girl come entrepreneur. Whose first foray into business had her product go into 25 retail gift stores within 30 days. To listen to the download the interview click here: Interview With some reordering as many as 3 times during that period. And the whole time with a big cheery smile, knowing her business idea is bring a little … Continue reading

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Warning Website Designers Can Be A Danger To Your Business

Harsh statement, I know but after seeing the evidence and research from a collection of studies, research and application it is a statement that, well, is very true. Here’s why. Over the last couple of years there has been an industry within itself that has evolved. The Conversion Industry. This has developed to really uncover what is happening on your website and to measure the actual performance of it. Now well meaning web designers, are for the most part, unaware of anything to do with the world of sales. It is in fact a word many would despise. Considering themselves more aligned to the arts than the profits. Which is totally fine and there are … Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Ignore Warning Bells….

There’s this lady, nice enough (maybe a little stretch there), good ideas and best intentions. On the phone was a blazing ball of enthusiasm… “Ah, I am so passionate about making my business a success…I just need some help.” That’s cool, we get that a fair bit. My question: Why haven’t you been more successful? A little bit of aggression now seeped into her voice…. “Well, this person was meant to do that, this company let me down, so did this weird widget, oh and my children are always bugging em, my ex is a downright dick and well I got bullied in school.” Not exactly how it went, but you get the picture. Side … Continue reading

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One Direction, a 13 year old client and a box of dreams….

Now I don’t know about you, but most 13 year old girls I’ve met are pretty hung up on hanging with mates, screaming about One Direction, Miley Cirus or some other incredibly talented “musician”. Sorry ignore that last jibe, I’m sure there good. Any way, when I first got the call, there was 1 thought ticking over… Are you kidding me……… That’s cool, sure we can help. But then I also got to thinking… If a young 13 year old girl has the gumption to get out there, sell her ideas, launch a business and take massive action – more on her in just a moment – then why don’t most adult business owners. Seriously, … Continue reading

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Byron Steel – Chris Cubis Interview

Take A Peak Inside Successful Local Businesses Rich & Simon chat with Chris Cubis from Byron Steel Listen to the interview here: How Byron Steel Navigated The GFC And A Major Lesson For People Buying A Business Byron Steel is a 25 year old company that specialises in all things structural steel, stainless steel and basically anything metal. Chris took over Byron Steel 7 years ago and began his journey of owning and running his own business. Previously Chris was a project manager and in the commercial building industry so when he relocated back to his home roots and discovered the business was for sale, it seemed a great fit. Chris shares some valuable … Continue reading

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Some businesses back themselves MASSIVELY….Do you?

Dracula, A Hangover And Boost Juice I had to fly down to Sydney for a good friends 40th which just happened to be a halloween party – funny thing my 6 year old daughter just happened to have one on the same day, hmm is there something in that? – any way so it was a fly in fly out the next day kind a trip. And after a day of traipsing around Manly, the botanical gardens and the Gallery of Modern Art I was just a little hung over and bone-tired & exhausted. Throw in a few hours on public transport to get to the airport and by 4 o’clock I felt like the … Continue reading

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So What’s your brand say about you

Did you know that certain colours, symbols and shapes create a subconscious reaction. And also these elements represent certain things about you. So if you want to know a little more about what your brand says about you, have a look at this info-graphic we created.

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