One Direction, a 13 year old client and a box of dreams….

Now I don’t know about you, but most 13 year old girls I’ve met are pretty hung up on hanging with mates, screaming about One Direction, Miley Cirus or some other incredibly talented “musician”.

Sorry ignore that last jibe, I’m sure there good.

Any way, when I first got the call, there was 1 thought ticking over…

Are you kidding me………

That’s cool, sure we can help.

But then I also got to thinking…

If a young 13 year old girl has the gumption to get out there, sell her ideas, launch a business and take massive action – more on her in just a moment – then why don’t most adult business owners.

Seriously, you know, what stops most us mere mortals from chasing a vision.

From taking massive action and achieving the business goals or dreams you have.

The big ones.

Now I ain’t going to get all deep and give you an ear bashing on pursuing dreams, do a few little fist pumps, tell ourselves we’re awesome, print out a picture of our visions and hope to hell that it just may eventuate.

Nope we’ve both probably heard that story a thousand times…(and don’t get me wrong I’m big into personal development but guess I’ve realised that there is only 1 way to get your dreams….any guesses?).

But get this..

We’ve got a 13 year old client……

That’s right a 13 year old. As in year 7 student, back pack on her back, packed lunches and home work.

But the good news for this fine young action take is that the One Direction she’s heading in is a fine one – how good was that tie in….

So, one day she had an idea, you like me, have probably had these from time to time too.

Most of us do.

But she became obsessed by it, hashed it out, thought a little more, bounced of her parents and took it to the potential market to see if it would take.

And the feedback was all the same.

That’s a cool idea.

And nope, she’s not a techno geek, writing code and developing the latest app. This is a bricks and mortar business idea.

This idea is literally a little box of dreams (all revealed soon).

Now most people may have cast it aside and gone…..yeah, nah cant see it working.

But not this young girl.

She set to it, negotiated with her parents to invest in her with some seed capital.

Then she did the smart thing and got in contact with Bird Dog – side note if your in business this is a smart thing to do.

Now, we decided to give her a little helping hand as well, as there is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone so young pursuing a vision with the passion and dedication she is harnessing.

And heck why not….the life time value of this young budding entrepreneur will pay us back tenfold…..but that’s not the motivation.

The motivation is to be an agent for action.

A bridge to her market.

A path…ah you get the idea.

But I’d really love to be a fly on the wall and watch and get inspired as her story unfolds and who knows how far this will go.

Where the journey will take.

But you know what, this success of this particular venture is irrelevant.


Well she has learned the greatest lesson of all.

The lesson that seems lacking from 80% of the population.

What is it?

The ability to chase her dreams, take action and push through the “mental” barriers that hold most of us back.

Dam, imagine there were more 13 years olds of this caliber.

More people for that matter.

Any way, I promised no big ear bashing and I kinda caught myself going there.

But that’s cool and I am sure you agree, it is inspiring. And a little bit of a kick in the backside for those of us that have that little something simmering away in – someday isle…

Any way that’l do for this little ol rant.

and we will share her progress, her idea and her brand with you over the next couple of weeks.

Till next time.



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