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Warning Website Designers Can Be A Danger To Your Business

Harsh statement, I know but after seeing the evidence and research from a collection of studies, research and application it is a statement that, well, is very true. Here’s why. Over the last couple of years there has been an industry within itself that has evolved. The Conversion Industry. This has developed to really uncover what is happening on your website and to measure the actual performance of it. Now well meaning web designers, are for the most part, unaware of anything to do with the world of sales. It is in fact a word many would despise. Considering themselves more aligned to the arts than the profits. Which is totally fine and there are … Continue reading

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Don’t Ever Ignore Warning Bells….

There’s this lady, nice enough (maybe a little stretch there), good ideas and best intentions. On the phone was a blazing ball of enthusiasm… “Ah, I am so passionate about making my business a success…I just need some help.” That’s cool, we get that a fair bit. My question: Why haven’t you been more successful? A little bit of aggression now seeped into her voice…. “Well, this person was meant to do that, this company let me down, so did this weird widget, oh and my children are always bugging em, my ex is a downright dick and well I got bullied in school.” Not exactly how it went, but you get the picture. Side … Continue reading

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One Direction, a 13 year old client and a box of dreams….

Now I don’t know about you, but most 13 year old girls I’ve met are pretty hung up on hanging with mates, screaming about One Direction, Miley Cirus or some other incredibly talented “musician”. Sorry ignore that last jibe, I’m sure there good. Any way, when I first got the call, there was 1 thought ticking over… Are you kidding me……… That’s cool, sure we can help. But then I also got to thinking… If a young 13 year old girl has the gumption to get out there, sell her ideas, launch a business and take massive action – more on her in just a moment – then why don’t most adult business owners. Seriously, … Continue reading

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