Blowing Your Own Trumpet…….Aghhh

Hmmm, yeah you say you’re good but it’s falling on deaf ears…….

Was having a chat with a business owner the other day and he was telling me about how great his marketing is – he did it – and how wonderful they are at, well just about everything. Only problem was the advertising wasn’t working. So took a squiz, just to, well be a nice guy. It was really a classic case of we’re great, do you love our logo, we love our logo and we hope it will make you call us cause we’re great. Ah alright it wasn’t that bad, but pretty close. It was just a real self promo on their awesomeness and how good they think they are. Now, I hear you, no one’s going to say we suck, but we love taking your $$$! So what can you say that’s different and believable? Well, don’t say it get your customers to say it! Example, ‘At XYZ & Sons we guarantee you will love our service just like Mr.’s Smith “The team at XYZ absolutely bowled me over with their fantastic customer service they are 2nd to none.” There you have it so come on in and experience what our customers call 1st class customer service.’ Now what do you think will work better when promoting your business, you telling someone how great you are or one of your clients, singing your praises. So make sure you ask your clients for testimonials and I have a sneaky way to make sure that you get testimonials that you want for business which I will share with you next time. So put the power of social proof to work in your business today.

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