Marketing should do 1 thing and 1 thing only. Get you clients, and that is exactly what our marketing services do.

The biggest mistake a lot of marketing makes is to fall victim to “getting your name out there”, as a business owner it should be the last thing on your mind as well. Everything piece of marketing you do should be designed to deliver clients.

We combine proven strategies and savvy marketing to deliver you targeted clients and in doing so help you build a brand by default.

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Putting strong strategies & proven methods in place to boost your business

The world of the internet has forever changed the way we do business

Those good ol’ big yellow books are "nearly" a thing of the past.

There’s so much research and stats about how many people search online but we’re not going to load you with stats. It’s common knowledge these days.

Everyone Googles … everything … 12 hours a day and the other 12, well there probably on social media …

Sit in public for 5 minutes and your bound to see 50% of the population using the internet on their phone.

So for businesses we need to not only adapt, we need to take advantage of this.

At Bird Dog Marketing we help you get to the top of the search engines with the following:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Maps

The most cost effective, powerful way to boost your business

Advertising is broken down into the following:

Direct response marketing is perhaps the most un-utilised form of marketing on the planet. Yet this powerful cost effective marketing system yields dollar for dollar incredible results.

In a nutshell direct response marketing is going direct to your target market with well crafted sales messages and asking them to take action.

Most of our direct marketing packages come with guaranteed results.

Bringing brands to
life with engaging
graphic design

From websites, brochures, flyers, logos and more our graphic design team will have your online and offline marketing creating a stir in your market place and have your business standing out from the crowded market place.

After all…Graphic Design should stop your audience in their tracks, distract them from the crazy world we live in to get them to engage with your brand.

And that is exactly what our graphic design and marketing team will do for you.

Go beyond your imagination & engage
your audience like never before

Create a visual story – or character – for your business or project that connects with your market.

We can bring to life any idea and develop it into a powerful asset to your project.

From character creation, 3D modelling we can partner with you to bring the FUN into your business.

Engage, educate and sell your message

Yep, in today’s day and age we are all getting pretty dam lazy and website studies show you have as little as 8 seconds engage interest in your website.

And let’s face it we get scared by seeing big paragraphs. It makes most clients head for the Google search bar faster than you can blink an eye.

Thanks to animated videos you can quickly engage your market place and with as little as a minute get your main messages – be it for sales or education – heard.

We offer a full service for animated video from script writing, professional voice overs, music as well as the animation.

So call us today and we’d love to chat with you about animated videos and your business.

What do people want when using a mobile phone to search a business?

Yep you guessed right…

Contact details, location and maybe a bit of info.

And they don’t want to have to pinch a screen, scroll 15 times to get there.

Mobile websites make it easy for your customers, it tells them you care for them.

So if your website is not a mobile friendly site….you know what you need to do….

okay in case you don’t simply fill in the information below or give us a call

     A business website in our humble opinion should do one thing…
Lead to more Business

It should be a tool that when people go there helps to convey your marketing messages in a way that encourages the user to get in contact with your or purchase your product.

Sounds easy and simple.

But the truth is the majority of websites are not doing what you’d want them too.

This can be for a multiple of reasons:

  • The wrong traffic
  • The wrong message
  • Messages not clear
  • A slow loading website
  • Does not reflect professionalism
  • Hard to navigate
  • The list goes on and on

Our web conversion packages, are like a seasoned CSI investigator. Digging deep into the mystery of the performance – or lack there of – of your website. We discover:

  • Study traffic
  • What visitors are clicking on
  • What they are not clicking on
  • Where they are looking
  • What pages they visit
  • How long they stay on the page
  • The list goes on and on

We want to remove any guess work, this is all fact and science. From their we identify what needs to be done with your website to boost your sales and results.

Our branding makes your business stand out from the crowd

We make sure your business either large or small is represented with a brand that reflects your points of difference, your positioning and creates an impression with your market place.

In other words, we create the story behind your brand then create powerful, creative graphics to suit.

Creating the right message to the right market to get the response you want

Advertising is broken down into the following:

The Right Message, To The Right Market, Via The Right Media

Get those right and you get more business, get them wrong and you achieve what most advertising does … money burnt.

We work with you to strategically plan effective advertising and marketing to get your business to fly.


Bird Dog Marketing is a marketing company born with a goal to create a leading marketing company that brings high end big city ideas to local businesses at an affordable price.

Our CEO Simon Cook has spent the last 25 years helping businesses in the medium to large business world create world leading marketing, branding and graphic design work.

His previous agencies have worked with companies from Macca’s, CSR, Taubmanns and Dairy Farmers right down to mum and dad businesses like Kurrajong Kitchen and Eagle Products that are now found throughout big retails stores Australia wide helping them implement cutting edge design to stand out in the crowded market place. He heads all our design team and does some seriously cool stuff and really has super human design skills.

Whether it’s a website that looks amazing and gets you found on Google or design work that puts you ahead of the pack and builds trust in your marketplace our team of talented designers, programmers and marketers will come up with marketing that works for you and your business.

Give us a call today or drop us an email and you will get to talk direct with Simon so you know you are in the right hands from the very start.